Starting and strategy

Starting from users to set the right path for the project

From goal setting to validating a hypothesis with users in 2 weeks.

UX Design + Scrum

Scrum’s iterative/incremental process is a key element in product implementation, but it must be supported by a preliminary phase through which we choose the right direction. A phase in which we match business goals and user needs.

This is what we call “starting”.


Analysis and research

  • Product Owner
  • Product Stakeholder
  • Team Scrum


  • Validation with users
Sprint 0


2 weeks of workshops, interviews, and prototyping to start off on the right foot.

making goals emerge

Workshop Vision

  • Product Owner
  • Stakeholder
  • Team
  • Vision
  • Metrics
  • Objectives
understand users and context

Interviews | Questionnaires

  • End-users
  • Needs
  • Customer Journey
Define hypothesis


  • End-users
  • Product Owner
  • Wireframe
  • Architecture


Precise planning of development (architecture + wireframe).

Involve the entire team from the early stages.

Prioritize features based on business value and development effort.

Validate hypotheses with users right away.

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