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Rethinking the experience of buying movies and TV series in a multi-device context.

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Within a cross-functional team of Thanks designers and Intré developers, we helped Chili evolve their streaming platform.

The main challenge? Redesigning and simplifying the content purchase journey, in a multichannel context consisting of TV, smartphone and tablet.

By facilitating co-design within the company, sprint by sprint, we were able to define and validate the new journey, while evolving the existing design system in parallel.

About Chili

CHILI is a WebTV dedicated to streaming movies, TV series and other types of content, offering free, rent and paid options. Its vast catalog of more than 50,000 movies and TV series from around the world can be enjoyed on a variety of devices, including Smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones, up to a maximum of five devices simultaneously. The distinguishing aspect of CHILI is the absence of fixed monthly fees; users pay only for the content they actually enjoy. Chili chose the cross-functional teams of Intré and Thanks Design to evolve its platform.

User research and competitive analysis

The research phase was marked by an in-depth user experience mapping process, conducted in collaboration with Chili’s in-house design team. In parallel, we carried out competitive research on the main platforms available in Italy and abroad, focusing on the content purchase phase.

Designing the new purchasing journey

After outlining an exhaustive picture of pain points and opportunities, we came to hypothesize the first solutions for the new journey. At this stage, it was crucial to maintain a constant dialogue with the technical component of the team, in order to validate from the start the possibilities in terms of technological feasibility, and compliance with the standards of the major marketplaces as Google and Apple.

The impact of our work

  • 1 A new purchase journey, more streamlined and intuitive
  • 6 Months from user research to first production release
  • 1 Evolved design system to scale the value generated
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