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A new website to outline the services and philosophy of a group at the forefront in developing digital solutions.

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We worked together with HRM Group to transform their new brand identity into a unique and immersive digital experience.

At their side, we followed the project at every stage, from the definition of the information architecture and creation of wireframes, to the implementation of the site, coordinating the activities of the development team.

A choral work, which led in a few months to the go-live of the new website.

Who is HRM Group

Born from the evolution of HRM Informatica, HRM Group is the Italian group whose goal is to offer its clients cutting-edge consulting in the development of digital solutions. HRM Group consists of four main entities, HRM, HRM Suisse, Snapper and MatchNPE, which make innovation and technical excellence their flagship. To better tell their identity, HRM Group rebranded in 2021 and asked Thanks Design for support to align their website with the new brand identity and value proposition.

Envisioning the new web portal

The envisioning and discovery phase began with defining an overall vision of the goals and users of the new site. The challenge was to create a portal that would offer a dual narrative: on the one hand the customer-facing narrative, and on the other hand the storytelling dedicated to HRM people and new talent to be involved. Initial solution hypotheses were created through wireframes and collaboratively validated through a series of meetings in which a cross-functional working group was involved.

Shaping the new identity

Starting with the brand guidelines, we shaped the new digital identity. Through a series of explorations, we arrived at defining a strongly identity-driven graphic language, in which experimental typography matches a color palette with electric tones. On each page of the site, the narrative is supported by purpose-built illustrations, and each interaction is guided through the functional use of transitions and animations. The result is a unique and seamless user experience through which users can discover, step by step, the world of HRM.

Design System

The visual language we devised was then codified into the new design system, a reference point for the development team’s implementation activities. During the development of the site, our designers worked alongside the front-end devs to follow, step by step, the fine-tuning of all animations, transitions and 3D elements.

The impact of our work

  • 1 One seamless brand experience
  • 5 Months from envisioning to go-live
  • 1 Design system to scale the value generated
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